About the Team

Who are we?

We are an all-girls high school solar car team from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Miami, Florida. Our team is led by Isabella Delionado'22 and Thais Perez'22. Since 2016, we have converted a gas-powered go-kart into a solar-powered car, and this year we plan to build one from scratch.  



In our first competition, we placed first in the endurance race, second in presentation and fourth in the sprint. 

In our second competition in the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Sunchase Challenge, we placed third in endurance, second in presentation and second in the relay. As a result of all our hard work, in only our second year of competing at the FGCU SunChase Challenge, we won overall champion, which also made us the first all-girls team to win!

CarrollSUN solar car team- Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Looking ahead...

In the future, we're looking forward to competing in the Texas Motor Speedway Solar Car Challenge.

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Team Members


This is my first year as part of the Solar Car team and I have already gained so much. The whole team is really supportive! It has been such an amazing experience and I am so glad I joined!


I joined my freshman year to become familiar with the engineering process and to promote gender equality in technology and engineering fields.

Eva Maria'22

I joined the CarrollSUN team in my freshman year to improve my engineering skills for the future and to empower girls to explore the world of STEM.


I have learned so much already about what it takes to be a team and about how to engineer a go-kart based solely on solar power.


I joined the solar car team this year. I joined because I wanted to explore different fields of engineering. I also wanted to encourage women to pursue a career in STEM.


I love being a part of the team because I am able to learn about engineering and work with a wonderful team to learn about renewable energy and its future uses.


I'm in sixth grade and I joined the team because I am very interested in solar energy and in making the world a cleaner and eco-friendlier place for future generations.


I'm in sixth grade and I love being a part of the team because I get a hands-on experience of working on a great solar car. This will give me a useful foundation for my career in engineering.


I am the youngest member of the team. I wanted to join because I wanted to learn about solar energy. When I grow up I want to save the earth with renewable energy!



As president of the Society of Women Engineers at Carrollton, I'm passionate about encouraging other girls to participate in STEM activities, like solar go-kart.

Vanderbilt University


I have learned skills that will benefit me in my future career as an engineer such as working collaboratively, effectively expressing my ideas, and making the most of the design process.

Georgetown University


​I have gained so much knowledge in terms of collaboration with different perspectives, as well as the design process, and working with heavy machinery and Arduino that I could not have learned elsewhere. It truly has been an incredible experience.

University of Michigan

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It is an incredible opportunity to explore the STEAM field and it is a great collaborative activity which promotes teamwork.

Vanderbilt University

Ana Sofia'19

Throughout my years of participating, I have learned how to use power tools and also learned how Arduino systems work. It was very interesting to learn how the Arduino works and how we can use the data collected to alter our strategy.

University of Miami