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About our first Solar Car

solar car

Solar Panels: 

Uses three solar panels in parallel.  We did this because wiring in parallel ensures that if one panel stops functioning, the other two will continue to yield energy. However, following an analysis of efficiency, we have opted to use Mission Solar 300 Mono PERC Solar Panels. 



 We are currently using two lead acid, AGM batteries. The absorbed glass mat prevents the acid from spilling/moving within the battery when there is any movement. Each battery is a 12 volt, 40 AH, and they are wired in series, hence totaling with 24 volts, 40 amp-hour, and 960 W.


ME0909 motor which produces 4hp.



Rear view camera instead of a side mirror to reduce wind resistance


Seat Belt: 

5 point harness with an added seat belt bar to hold the seat belt in an easily accessible location.



Steering Wheel: 

We have shortened the steering column to accommodate drivers with longer legs and to allow for a faster driver change between races. The horn is built from VEX robotics pieces and is directly on the wheel to allow for easy accessibility of the horn in case of an emergency. 


Back Structure: 

Motor and batteries are in the back, close to each other, focusing on a low center of gravity. This way, the battery cables can be shorter yielding less current lost.

In addition, by leaving the batteries in the back, there is more room for the driver in the front.

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