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11/28/2018 Meeting: Website Brainstorm, Glowforge and Vacuum Former Demonstration

Today students were able to use newly acquired tools in the MakerSpace: the Glowforge and Vacuum Former. This was very interesting to all students because it gave us an opportunity to come up with uses for these tools relating to the go-kart and other side projects that we might be interested in.

We also brainstormed website ideas which included:

  • Social Media links

  • Sidebar w/ weekly posts (most recent posts)

  • Agenda/ Recap (be vague b/c competition)

  • Intro (what makes us different) (School Background)

  • Team blurbs/ statements = personal

  • Learning experience

  • Update?

  • Video on homepage

  • Achievements

  • Pics w/ positions

  • Tutorials! = ^ website traffic

  • Link to other projects

  • Show quality of other things we do

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