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12/12/2018: Reviewing the Old Car

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Review of last years car

  • Emergency break: replace…

  • Rules: if the car slides it’s okay but the tires can’t roll

  • Pedal break: car doesn’t move, it does work

  • Consider disc brakes in front and electronic brakes in the back wheels

  • Rules need front brakes


1) brakes

  • Brakes: research disc brakes in front

  • Should we have brakes in the back?

2) motor (last year’s slowed the car down)

3) solar panels (lighter, can weigh more)

4) new seat belt

5) Update nose cone

Future projects:

  • welding (aluminum)

  • Partnerships with other high schools (Gulliver)

  • Shows initiative, community outreach

  • Reaching out to elementary schools

  • Maybe host another competition]

  • Why are we racing?

  • Racing for a reason

  • Sacred Heart Goals…

  • Organize purchase log

  • finalize logo


  • GoFundMe?

  • Levels of sponsorship

  • Name on the website or on go-kart

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