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12/3/2018 Meeting: Organizing Groups and Website


  1. Assign focus groups

  2. Organize group ideas

  3. Go-Kart captain and mini captains (point person) per mini group

  4. Decide by next week

  5. Pop up on the website (adopt a cell) -- donate now or I don’t want to help

  6. Finalize and send the email out to contact

  7. Contact other students to help us (ex. Fundraising, photography, etc.)


- come up with logo

- organize blog posting and note taking

- remember to photograph!

Begin to do research



Which breaks would be better?


Can we do the wheels that have weights inside them?

What are the pros and cons? (always run, even on flat surfaces, but are super heavy)

Solar Array

Solar cells or solar panels?

What kind of solar cells can we find/use?

What kind of solar cells do we want?


Aerodynamics and how to test?

teardrop shape (3:1)

If a moving object is streamlined, the air will flow around it smoothly and cause less drag, therefore needing less energy to move the object. Such a design is considered to be aerodynamically efficient. When an object produces poor airflow, more energy is required to push it forward.


Takes from Research:


-Disk not drum

-Carbon fiber

-Electronically controlled rear brakes


-Thin for aerodynamics

-Wide for control

-Carbon fiber


-Nose cone

-Frontal area

-Cover hub caps

-Flow from one part to another

Solar Cells

-Monocrystaline - ~22% efficiency

-Think about weight.

-Individual solar cells

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