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12/5/2018: Rebranding and Driving Practice

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Contact got back to us!

  • Follow up Monday

Teams-- we can hold off on that

  • Coding

  • Mechanics/ engineering



Social media

  • Rebrand team:

  • Name and Logo

  • CarrollSUN

  • Website:

  • Created a logo

  • Other Contacts

  • Draft other emails

  • Stanford?

  • WHS SolarCats

  • Miami beach car show?

Drone donut delivery


Way to regroup

Mario theme song

What to post

Fundraiser events/promotion

Donation posts? (adopt a cell)

Updates (no pictures of the car) -- weekly? Biweekly?

Live videos @ milestones

MarioKart to practice driving!

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